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Busy all the way

Does lack of paid work make one less busy?
I guess it depends on personal nature, choices and circumstances.

Day 3 (Working day 1) since I'm free.

Had my first meet up with a potential employer who did not have a set role in mind which they were trying to fill. The reason was that I contacted them to check if they have any vacancies and though they did not have an advertised position, kept an open mind to talk to me and find out about what I can offer them for anything that might come up as potential opportunities. Because they had no present vacancy, for once the questions were about my abilities and finding the right place where I would fit in or the places I could be utilized.

I guess it was a good start for my full time job search period because such open questions initiate is more of an introspection than a session to implement the art of responding to interview questions. This is because I knew that they were not trying to tick off a checklist and so I did not have to fashion my answers against this real/imaginary checklist. Now that I think of it, I don't think I can even try to do that because, for me, I would always be happy about losing a job due to setting the right expectation compared to trying to match up-to a job gained through wrong expectations.

So for a person like myself who is quite deep when it comes to thinking about oneself, an open ended question like "what sort of role are you looking for?" is a multi-threaded  process. While i try to answer the question in the most appropriate way, it also creates a disturbance in the back of my mind on what exactly will I value in my next role and what are the options and trade offs that I am willing to consider.

Stability, career growth, remuneration, office amenities, work culture, ease of travel, technology relevance, role relevance, long term plans, location etc.. I am certainly not going to discuss my thoughts on these matters, it would be good for you to have a think bout the difference in weightage for each of  there parameters and how we will respond to theese queries. Bye for now.


Anonymous said…
It helps you to discover your self.

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