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office 365 error the characters you entered didnt match

In Office 356, if you attempt login with incorrect password too many times it returns the error You've tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect user ID or password. after this sometimes you get the error The characters you entered didn't match. Please try again. If you face this error even after entering the correct captcha, it is just because your password is incorrect. Just a wrong error message. The new password might not have yet synced with office 365.

BCS Error - Access denied by Business Data Connectivity

I recently came across this error while attempting to configure an external content type in SharePoint 2013. The error message showed Access denied by Business Data Connectivity. On verifying the ULS logs the found errors as given in the table beneath the post Found the following support article, but it did not like the problem that I was having at hand. Then I came across this comment on the link This happens because you have not set access on the BCS object that you created. Go into Central Administration and select your External Content Type or other object and select Set Permissions from the dropdown. Your authentication is working or you would not be able to save the object you created to the metadata store. You now need to tell the metadata store who has access to the objects you created in BCS.  It worked like a charm. Updating in my blog post so that