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Recipe of a successful novel

Prologue: This post is about the book The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark. After I finished writing the following post, I felt that it is one of those rare posts where the overall outlook is not positive. So I decided to do some research on the author and found that there is a good name for the Author out there which included recognition from the Catholic Church. Hence, I am writing this prologue as a disclaimer to mention that I do know that some of the Author’s literary works are highly acclaimed and this post is a “first impression” post on the book. Maybe I will get introduced to other books by the author and have my opinion changed. How to write a successful, gripping suspense novel? Make it a murder mystery, and add the following additional elements – extra marital affairs, triangle love, a lawyer, the Catholic Church, Biblical scriptures and Jesus Christ too!  There springs a great(?) story. I just completed reading the book The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark. I would

Where Fiction And Reality Merges

The most influential human abilities are imagination and emotions. History itself was shaped and perceived by imagination and emotions. Those who built their thoughts over history and facts and expressed it through various means paved the way where the world stands today. This in itself is a topic for much elaboration. Every field of science and literature has its own gardeners. Fiction, specifically Science Fiction is one field, be it from literature or science where these two elements of human ability combine to produce a profound and powerful influence as it appeals both to the intellect and to the heart. I can easily get lost in the world of (science) fiction which I can easily relate to. I get very much affected by books and their authors who expand my horizon of thoughts. And when some events of my simple but rip-current life connect with a book, there comes an explosion of thoughts which I cannot help but channel to a paper. This article is not a review. It is just to e

Personnel Aspects in Evolution of Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Information Technology is facing new challenges every day. There is a call for better utilization of funds, shrinking margins and immediate results. The main driving force behind upgrading systems is an increasing demand for Automation, increasing costs of support for obsolete products and fast changing technology Trends. The other possible factors that compel the need for change are poor usability or little knowledge about in-house systems, inefficient integration of various enterprise systems, lack of a long standing and visionary IT support staff. Every decision making is influenced to a large extent by the people involved. Similar is the case for IT system upgrades. By system I refer to the technology and not the underlying hardware. IT managers favor systems/ platforms that they themselves or their workforce is familiar with. IT service providers push for the most cost effective solution to the given problem at hand. The limited budgets, competitive market