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Three ways to advance your career

  Here are three obvious but sometimes overlooked ways to advance your career. This is a short reminder post to help you land your next role. 1. Target a well-defined role. Understand the process Speak to people who have gone through the process Understand the expectations of the new role from the decision-makers. Find a mentor to keep you guided.  Ensure visibility to the decision-makers. 2. Be prepared for chance opportunities. Look out for roles where your current skill set is transferable. for internal roles, you can look out for temporary positions especially if you are working for large organisations. Most organisations have an internal and external job board. Keep an eye out for new opportunities.  3. Create your own role Be observant to the problems around you. In some cases, you might find that there is a large gap in responsibilities that are not covered by any role. Carve out time in your schedule to take up one of these problems created by the responsibility gap and solve i