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7 Practical Tips for Customer Engagement

7 Practical Tips for Customer Engagement Here are a few practical and high impact tips that I have learnt and used multiple times to enrich customer relations.
1. Stating the obvious Most people who make decisions are under some sort of pressure to come to a conclusion. Some like to think through and come to a conclusion, but more often than not decisions come out as a response to something as opposed to a planned outcome.

It always helps to call out the obvious impacts of a decision even if you think the customer is experienced.

Here are two examples:

Delay of work due to reprioritization:

This is a frequent one in projects. Change of mind on priorities can have a flow-on effect for current work underway. Paraphrasing as "So, just confirming, you want us to stop working on X and start working on Y" has several times had the customer come back with "Oops, no no, I thought we can get both done on time. Thanks for calling out."

Addition of cost due to reprioritizatio…