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Think like a leader : 5 steps to making decisions

A big part of any leadership role, be it team management or managing a large portfolio, leaders are expected to provide decisions on various matters. Leaders would want their teams to be empowered in decision making, and making good decisions comes from preparation and practice.  
So, How do we make good decisions?
Here is a cheat card of 5 steps to enable you to make good decisions. Let us take a hypothetical example.  e.g. You would like to organise training for a few members of your team. Convert the activity to a business case and find the concepts  This is the most difficult step. More often than not, as employees in an organisation, we expect us to be guided through a problem at hand. This is where thinking like a leader makes a person stand out. Instead of someone and receiving a decision we can look at the factors and concepts that will affect the scenario. Let us analyse our current scenario at hand. Training is a great way to improv…

Random things about workshops

I like doing workshops more than presentations. The main reason is that you get more engagement and if you can convey a concept by activity, it stays with you longer.

A common trait I have noticed is that some people like to have clarity on how the workshop is going to play out, and some don't mind the suspense. Expectation management is important when starting the session.

Feedback on activity-based workshops tends to be positive and sometimes, the participants request a follow up one.

Almost all participants enjoyed the forced interactions and group activities.

Showcasing or talking about team or individual outputs of activities creates a sense of accomplishment and ownership of the concepts/ideas.

Some of the workshops I have done so far include:

Design Thinking
Empathy Mapping
Project Handover
Time Management

The Zone of Things

People in creative jobs often speak about being in the zone. Being aware of being in the right zone can boost your confidence to face your challenges better. Returning to work after a 5-week break, I really wanted to be in zone for work right from the start. My trigger came from a TED talk video by Ray Dalio on - How to build a company where the best ideas win. Certain references in that video jolted my memory and gave me the needed jump start to be in the zone.

Search for your inspiration and you will find it.

Here is the link to the video that gave me mine for the day.