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The beauty and might of nature

Jan 28, 2013.. The day when I saw nature in her fury. The sound of wind whistling through the windows, the trees uprooted, some swaying violently all day and all night long. This is not the first time I saw stormy weather, or the most frightening.  There was one a couple of months ago with thunderstorms and lightning. The lightning makes you feel more unsafe than just heavily pouring rain. may be its because I am used to rain. But this storm, without lightning, just the rain and the intermittent whistling of the wind, the rumble of windows has been going on for so much time, that I have for the first time realized how persistent nature can become. It has unnerved me, not too much in a negative way, just awestruck at her might and my heart goes out to all those who are out in the storm at this moment due to their circumstances, facing it, yelling at it or smiling at one of nature's temperate dances. Its mild compared to the might cyclones, but its the length of time, the stam