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IT Systems for Sole Traders or Small Business

The business landscape has changed over the last decade and more and more customers today are referring to online sources as the first preference to either make decisions on purchases or do the purchase itself.

IT can be a complex and expensive world to navigate for someone starting a small business and in many cases, it is an afterthought and not taken into account during initial planning.

Here are a few steps that will help you to think about IT and how you can start simple but still plan ahead when considering to open a new business.
Selecting a business name Once you have shortlisted names that you like, to avoid a name that is already taken or closely resembles a brand or name that you do not want association with, you can check these four sources

Business registry
Most countries keep a registry of business names where people can look up information about an existing business.  In Australia, you can check this on the ASIC website
Trademarks Verify that there are no trademarks alre…
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Visual Studio installer shows blank screen

Tried many things, finally what worked is to change AMD switchable graphics settings to run VS installer in power saving mode. <end of post >

Calculating number of working days specific to Australia is a great site for calculating the number of working days specific to Australia. Highly useful for calculating pricing etc. for project management.

Learning units and measurements through play

I tried an activity game with my 4y old son for measuring objects in his room using blocks to learn relative sizes. However, he soon got bored by it. Noe that he has an interest in animals and he has a small collection of animals gifted by his grandma, we decided to do the measuring up game again.
After watching a couple of videos on youtube to know that this is something zoo keepers and vets do in real life, the engagement and interest spiked.
We borrowed the Stichting tape and kitchen scale, measured up the animals and filled in our little zoo book by noting the measurements against the animal name copied from a textbook.

Network Tips for First home builders

1. Make sure you are using cat6 cables everywhere. Cat5e has a speed of 100 mbps max and cat6 supports upto 1 gbps. 2. Have enough data points throughout the house ... especially where you plan to keep .... modem/router, TV,  Playstation / Xbox,  home surveillance, study desk, landline.3. Get Internet connected at lockup stage so you have it at handover. 4. Using the Internet,  test all ports at handover. I missed this. I think one of my ports doesn't work.5. Have a NBN box in the garage with 2 extra power plugs.6. Have all the data points in the house connected back to the garage/ ur preferred place like a hub. 7. Have two data points at the place where you are planning the router/modem tracing back to the garage or your hub.
This is so that you can switch it around.

Octopus Deploy Tip - Feature Branch Channel

Octopus Deploy Tip - Feature Branch Channel

Create a feature branch channel as the default channel and configure the lifecycle to only deploy to dev. This is to help feature branches from being deployed to production.

View request headers in IIS

To view request headers of incoming requests from IIS, you can use failed request tracing in IIS to include status code 200. This would log successful requests too and you can view all request headers in the "request details" > "general request headers" section.