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Think like a leader : 5 steps to making decisions

A big part of any leadership role, be it team management or managing the business itself, your team will seek approval/direction. 
So, How do we make good decisions?
Here is a cheat card of 5 steps to enable you to make good decisions. Let us take a hypothetical example.  e.g. You would like to organise training for a few members of your team. Convert the activity to a business case and find the concepts  This is the most difficult step. More often than not, as employees in an organisation, we expect us to be guided through a problem at hand. This is where thinking like a leader makes a person stand out. Instead of someone and receiving a decision we can look at the factors and concepts that will affect the scenario. Let us analyse our current scenario at hand. Training is a great way to improve the productivity of the team. Training also means time away from current work happening towards any projects. The training could also have direct costs…