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Think like a leader : 5 steps to making decisions

A big part of any leadership role, be it team management or managing a business itself, your team will seek approval/direction. 

So, How do we make good decisions? 

Here is a cheat card of 5 steps to enable you to make good decisions.

Let us take a hypothetical example. 

e.g. Do you have anyone in your team currently not on projects? I need 2 people to help a customer with some technical work. Let me know the names, please?

  1. Conceptualise the scenario
  2. This is the most difficult step. More often than not, intentionally or unintentionally, requests for a decision comes in a disguise or asking for an opinion or assistance and in a format that you are not expecting.

    Conceptualizing the request and your involvement will set the stage to seek the right information and come to a logical decision. 

    Analysing our request, there is a lot of missing information about the work to be done. It looks like a request to book people for a job, but it does not have enough details to make a decision.  There is clearly some sort of opportunity to understand more about the problem the customer is facing.

  3. Compare to existing processes and guidelines
  4. Check if the request followed the right channels and existing processes. At first sight, it looks like the preliminary work has not been done to gather enough details on the request.

  5. Check if you are setting a precedence
  6. An easy answer is to see if there are two people without projects and give their names. Doing so might undermine current processes already in place that provides the necessary checks and balances. 

  7. Consider side effects
  8. Are the right people involved? Does this align with the work that the team members were seeking to undertake? Is someone else looking for an opportunity in this space? etc. are some questions we can ask in this scenario.

  9. Communicate exceptions vs norm
  10. If you are making a temporary arrangement, ensure that it is well communicated and then add a reminder to ensure that normalcy is returned after the event.

Does this article resonate with you? Let me know in the comments below

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash


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