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Join a School Council for a rewarding volunteering experience

 Are you a parent new to Australia, thinking about how the education system works in Australia? Are you thinking of a way to contribute to the local community? Joining the school council may be the answer for you. As a parent, you can bring your perspective to the school and if you can bring your knowledge in an area of expertise like Building, Finance, IT, HR or Education, or Event planning that would be great. In 2019, when my son started school in Australia, I knew little about the education system here, having not attended school in Australia myself. I saw a call for nominations to the School Council I was keen to take up the opportunity.  I really wanted to get involved in his education. By contributing to the school in this manner, saw a possibility of learning more about the education system here and doing a part for the community around me. It has been a great learning experience for me in return for my time commitments. So what is involved in volunteering as a parent member of