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Network Tips for First home builders

1. Make sure you are using cat6 cables everywhere. Cat5e has a speed of 100 mbps max and cat6 supports upto 1 gbps. 2. Have enough data points throughout the house ... especially where you plan to keep .... modem/router, TV,  Playstation / Xbox,  home surveillance, study desk, landline. 3. Get Internet connected at lockup stage so you have it at handover. 4. Using the Internet,  test all ports at handover. I missed this. I think one of my ports doesn't work. 5. Have a NBN box in the garage with 2 extra power plugs. 6. Have all the data points in the house connected back to the garage/ ur preferred place like a hub. 7. Have two data points at the place where you are planning the router/modem tracing back to the garage or your hub. This is so that you can switch it around.

Octopus Deploy Tip - Feature Branch Channel

Octopus Deploy Tip - Feature Branch Channel Create a feature branch channel as the default channel and configure the lifecycle to only deploy to dev. This is to help feature branches from being deployed to production.