Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recipe of a successful novel

Prologue: This post is about the book The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark. After I finished writing the following post, I felt that it is one of those rare posts where the overall outlook is not positive. So I decided to do some research on the author and found that there is a good name for the Author out there which included recognition from the Catholic Church. Hence, I am writing this prologue as a disclaimer to mention that I do know that some of the Author’s literary works are highly acclaimed and this post is a “first impression” post on the book. Maybe I will get introduced to other books by the author and have my opinion changed.

How to write a successful, gripping suspense novel?

Make it a murder mystery, and add the following additional elements – extra marital affairs, triangle love, a lawyer, the Catholic Church, Biblical scriptures and Jesus Christ too!  There springs a great(?) story.
I just completed reading the book The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark. I would have enjoyed the book as a simple murder mystery novel, if not for the futile effort of the author to drag in Jesus Christ and his DNA (Jeez!). There is no context for it in this novel and if the author wanted to involve the large sums of money, she could have considered a painting or the Lost Ark of Egypt etc. (or even dig up something for God’s sake).

Dear reader, please do not think that I am not open to ideas. I welcome them if they can be presented in a credible way. This is the first book from this author that I have read. I should be really persuaded to try another one.